My Hometown
Poems by Lynn Barany

A gentle breeze cools this sunny day as I sit by the river. My heart aches for my yesterdays, I am visiting my hometown.

My old friends stop by, but not long enough for my satisfaction. I am filled with love for this place, and for the people who live here.

My roots, my childhood, and most of life's hard lessons I learned beside this river. It is my comfort, and makes me feel complete.

They say you can never go home again, I say home is the only place on earth where you can go to feel real love, and true friendship.

Let me return again, and again, and let my family be always there to love me, my friends be there to welcome me, and a small part of heaven be waiting to bless me.

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All Original Poems and Poetry by Canadian Poet - Lynn Barany
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Thank you for coming to my poetry site. I hope you've enjoyed reading my poems and will come back again to this humble poets home -- Island Poetry. Every poem is original and is derived from my daily encounters, thoughts, experiences, relationships and contacts with family, loved ones, friends, nature, the world and people at large.

My poetry is simple, uncomplicated, straight-forward and honest coming from the heart, soul, a spiritual presence and obviously God -- Her/Himself. Thus, once the idea and first line of a poem "pops" into my head, the balance of my poems "arrive to me" more or less complete requiring only my immediate and total attention and focus in its writing down, with minimal additional work or effort thereafter.

While belonging to the International Society of Poets, I have also been fortunate to have had the support and publication of many of my poems by local community newspapers, faith groups, charitable organizations, and in various anthologies published by the National Library of Poetry and catalogued in the U.S. Library of Congress - Publication Data ISBN 1-56167-256-4

I now live on lower Vancouver Island, off the Canadian west coast. Although originally from the Canadian province of Ontario, I have over the years also lived in the province of Manitoba, as well as Germany.

Once again thank you for reading my work, hope you enjoyed and found it relevant also to your own experiences of the living, loving and challenges of everyday life. I truly would appreciate and love to hear from anyone with comments, critiques, suggestions or what-have-you. Email Me -


Barany (Hanna)

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